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A Place for Everything at Home

We are so inundated with stuff.  Newspapers, email, faxes, magazines and more. Organizing accessories are purchase in hopes of creating a more organized life. These organizers only work for a short time, because the real problem is not being addressed. Namely, the habits that are causing the accumulation of clutter.  

Many people just don't know what they have. They purchase duplicate items. They keep things "just in case" and never let them go. they have clutter in their homes and offices creating stress in their lives. 

Every individual has different needs.  At I've Gotta Get Organized, Inc. our goal is finding out what's important to you. We work with you to incorporate these needs into your environment. 

A Place for Everything in Your Office

The average executive spends six weeks per year looking for lost documents. Think of how much time and money this represents to your company. 
Many businesses have lost clients because of misplaced items, missed deadlines of mistakenly thrown away documents.  
A professional organizer will work with you to prevent these mistakes from happening again.

A working file system is crucial to any successful office. Yet, many people are afraid to file in their current systems.  
We are expert at creating file systems which make document retrieval a breeze. We are also adept at both PC and Mac computer systems and can create electronic file systems for our clients.
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